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2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Best Odds, Markets & Bets : Head to DexWin Sportsbook for the best Cricket World Cup Betting experience.

2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Best Odds, Markets & Bets : Head to DexWin Sportsbook for the best Cricket World Cup Betting experience.

The 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup is one of the most anticipated events in the world of cricket. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the Cricket World Cup odds, favourites, underdogs, and key factors affecting betting on the tournament.

Key Factors Affecting Betting

There are a number of key factors that can affect betting on the 2023 Cricket World Cup, including:

  1. Team strength and rankings: Teams with higher world rankings are generally considered to be stronger contenders and have lower odds.
  2. Player form and injuries: The form of star players and their availability due to injuries can have a significant impact on odds.
  3. Historical performance in World Cups: Teams with a history of success in previous Cricket World Cups tend to have more favourable odds.
  4. Host country advantage: Playing on home soil can provide an advantage for teams. Host nations often receive more favourable odds due to home support and familiarity with conditions.
  5. Recent performance: Recent performances in international matches can also affect odds.

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The following teams are considered to be the favourites to win the 2023 Cricket World Cup:

  1. India : 3.05
  2. England : 3.85
  3. Australia : 5
  4. New Zealand : 8.5
  5. South Africa : 10

The following teams are considered to be the underdogs to win the 2023 Cricket World Cup:

  1. Pakistan : 7
  2. Sri Lanka : 23
  3. Bangladesh : 51
  4. Afghanistan : 51

How Cricket World Cup Betting Odds Work?

Cricket betting odds represent the price of an individual market, usually depicted in fractional (1/4), American (+200 or -200), or decimal (1.25). Bookies determine the market values based on the probability of the event occurring. The decimal format is considered the simplest to understand

For e.g :
India have odds of 3.05 to Win the Cricket World Cup
i.e. — A bet of $100 would means $100 x 3.05
= $305 Being the Total Winning Payout

Betting sites also factor in the margin when determining the size of cricket odds. In simple terms, the margin is the profit the bookmaker is set to earn if you place a winning bet. Finally, with the odds values, bookies can calculate how much you will earn for each winning bet.

Odds Comparison

Get the best possible cricket odds using DexWin Sportsbook. We compare real-time ICC Cricket World Cup odds from over 200 sports betting sites and offer only the highest odd values for you to bet on.

Each market price is sourced from reputable bookies based on your geographical location to guarantee usability. For every ICC Cricket World Cup game, you will find odds for several markets, including Outrights and Match Winner.

Simply pick the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup odds you want and place bets on DexWin effortlessly.

Cricket ODI Betting Basics

With 48 matches set to take place during the 2023 ICC ODI World Cup, you get multiple betting markets and odds to guide you on the predictions you can make at bookies. These markets may range from Outrights to Match Winner and player props like Top Wicket-Taker, Man of the Match, Top Batsman, and more! To place a bet, you need to wager some cash on a particular event. If it wins, your money is multiplied by the odds values of the market and credited to your account.

Types of Cricket World Cup Bets

Traditionally, bookies provided punters with two types of Cricket World Cup bets: single and acca. However, the list has since grown to multiple options, with the following being the most common bet types:


The Outright Winner bet type allows you to predict the team or country that will win the Cricket World Cup. Using this option, you can predict:

For e.g
England to win the 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup
India to win 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup

Player Props

The player prop entails betting on the performance of a player during the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. With the market, you can bet on:
1. ICC Player of the Match in the final
2. The top batsman in a game
3. Top bowler in a game


Over/Under is a Totals bet used for predicting the total number of runs that will be made in a cricket match. However, instead of stating the exact number, you predict whether the runs will be Over/Under a select number, for instance, 100. You can also use this bet type to predict:

  1. Batsman total runs : Virat Kohli to score Over / Under 75 Runs
  2. Total runs in the first innings : England to score Over / Under 280 Runs in the First Innings.


The handicap bet comes into play in a Cricket World Cup matchup between a weaker team and a stronger team. Here, the bookie gives the weaker team a head start to level the playing field. For the handicap bet type, you can find:

Australia is handicapped by 10 runs in a game against the Netherlands. Which means if Australia score 280 Runs and Netherlands score 271, for the final consideration, a handicap of 10 is deducted to Australia’s score of 280

Handicapped Score for Australia : 270 Runs
Score by Netherlands : 271 Runs
So the bet on Netherlands would win.


Live betting or in-play involves wagering on ongoing cricket matches. In-play markets come with dynamic odds, which change as the game progresses. Also, the markets are categorised into two: open and closed. You can only bet on the open markets and not the closed ones. Some of the markets to expect when placing in-play bets include:

  1. Match Winner
  2. Total Runs
  3. Most online bookmakers offer Cricket World Cup live scores to assist with in-play betting.

Special Bets and Exotic Markets

Exotic markets, popularly known as special bets, allow you to bet on events that will not directly influence the outcome of the game. Courtesy of this bet type, you can wager on:

  1. Team to win the toss (Offered by DexWin Sportsbook)
  2. First match wicket dismissal method (Offered by DexWin Sportsbook)


The Match Winner market requires you to predict the team that will win a cricket match. You can place a match-winner bet on the game between England and New Zealand set to take place in October.

Top Run-Scorer

Also called the top batsman in a game! The Total Run-Scorer market involves predicting the player that will score the most runs for a team.

Top Wicket-Taker

The top Wicket-Taker is betting on the player that will take the most wickets in a game or even the tournament. If two players take an equal number of wickets, the bowler with the minimum number of runs conceded wins. It is also called the top-team bowler market.

Man Of The Match

You can bet on the player who will deliver the most outstanding performance in a cricket game courtesy of the Man of the Match Market. This can be due to making the most runs or taking the most wickets.

Total Runs

Total Runs is where you bet on the number of runs that both ICC Men’s Cricket teams involved, like Bangladesh and New Zealand, will make in a game. However, instead of stating the actual number, you only need to tell whether it will be over a particular figure or under it.

Total Wickets

Total Wickets is one of the many Over/Under markets that entails betting the number of wickets a team such as Australia will take during a game. A betting website will provide you with a number X. You then have to predict whether the team will take Over or Under X number of wickets. This market can also represent the total number of wickets taken by both teams in a game.

Team Total

With Team Total market, you can bet on the number of runs a particular team or country will make during a game. Here, you can bet on Ireland, Australia, or England to make Over/Under 250 runs in their respective games.

Highest Opening Partnership

This betting market involves predicting the total runs a team will score before losing their first wicket. The prediction can be Over/Under 30 runs.

Boundary Markets

In cricket betting, the boundary market requires you to predict the total number of fours or sixes that will be scored in a cricket match. Four runs or Fours are awarded when the ball hits the ground first before getting to the boundary. On the other hand, six runs or sixes are awarded if the ball crosses the boundary without bouncing.

Pre-Tournament Favourites

Bookies have already narrowed down on the top 3 teams likely to win the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup tournament. This is based on their previous performances, player strengths, and rankings. So far, the 2023 pre-tournament favourites are:
1. India
2. England
3. Australia

India will likely perform best because of the recent form of top players like Shubman Gill, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, the team captain, and the pressure of hosting the tournament. England, on the other hand, will use everything in their arsenal to defend the championship. Besides, their squad comprise Joe Root, Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes, who are all in-form star players.

Finally, Australia is on the list of pre-tournament favourites not just because they rank fourth but also because they have dominated the tournament over the past three decades, and always tend to bring their best when it comes to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

Big Team Killers and Underdogs

The 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup will likely see various underdogs make a deep run in the tournament. These include Bangladesh, who have low odds despite being ranked 8th in the Men’s ODI. The team will be presenting top-tier players like Naim Sheikh and Towhid Hridoy.

Other underdogs likely to surprise fans with excellent cricket results during the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup include Sri Lanka and South Africa. Temba Bavuma, an incredible batsman with remarkable statistics, will lead the South Africa squad. On the other hand, Sri Lanka is in great shape, beating Bangladesh 257 runs to 236 on 9th September. They also beat Pakistan after winning by 2 wickets on 14th September.

Betting Strategies

Devising working strategies is the best way of ensuring success whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned cricket bettor. One of the main Cricket World Cup tips you should always apply is doing in-depth research on the teams playing. Review their past five games and take note of their performance. Pay attention to their total runs and number of wickets taken per game. This will help you know their form and probability of winning their next event.

The next strategy is to manage your bankroll. Set aside daily, weekly, or monthly bankroll limits and adhere to them. Use betting tools like loss and deposit limits to help you stick to your budget. This strategy will keep you from accruing debts.

Key Factors For Your Bets

There are several key factors to understand before betting on Cricket. These provide insights into player and team form and why certain markets fetch higher prices. The factors include:

Player Performances

Player performances hugely influence the final outcome of a match and the general odds. Players such as David Warner of Australia and Rohit Sharma of the hosts India can make a big difference. With their impressive batting and bowling skills, top players can help their respective teams advance further in the tournament.

Venue and Pitch Conditions

The Batting and bowling aspects of cricket are affected by the venue and pitch conditions. Pitches in hot and dry areas tend to have less grass, which makes batting easier. On the other hand, grassy pitches make it harder for batsmen to play their shots. This explains why teams perform better in some pitches and deliver poor performances in others.

Bookies use this information to determine the betting odds to assign select markets. Make use of this information to place winning bets so that you can make absolute use of Offers and free bets at betting sites, not to mention quality odds.

Recent Trends and Statistics

While betting on the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, you must take note of recent trends and how they will affect the tournament and fixtures. For instance, the prize money of the ICC Men’s World Cup has been rising steadily, thus increasing the tournament’s competitiveness.

For the 2023 edition, the winners will take home $4 million, runners up $2 million, and the semi-finalists will bag $800,000. Also, statistics such as team performances in their previous matches can help you make informed decisions when placing bets. So, ensure you keep up with the trends and statistics of events while betting.

Fan Engagement

Cricket teams boast millions of fans across the globe, but it always boils down to fan engagement and excitement. Engaging and excited fans can easily motivate teams to perform better, which may also impact the teams’ odds. Countries like India and Pakistan have the most devoted fans in cricket. This often influences the odds values bookmakers assign these teams.

Best Cricket World Cup Betting Sites

The gambling scene is packed with hundreds of bookmakers providing many ICC World Cup fixtures. However, only the best cricket betting sites, like Bet365 and William Hill, go above and beyond to guarantee an unmatched experience. These sites offer more than competitive odds. They also have offers and free bets you can use to wager in cricket events.

Besides, their market coverage is extensive. The platforms have secondary and primary markets like Outrights and Totals. They also have a match-winner in case you want to predict a team’s progression.


The 2023 ICC World Cup is set to kick off from October till November, with plenty of betting opportunities that lie in wait! We have rounded up some of the best betting markets that you should explore and coupled this with top betting tips that will help you place winning bets.

Discover sure bets and make use of our odds comparison tool to find the best odds and more! Utilise our resources and join like-minded individuals to gather more info on teams/players before placing winning bets. This is a crucial tip and one of the aspects that saw West Indies miss out on the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup.

FAQ’s: Betting on the ICC Cricket World Cup ’23

Can I bet on the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup?

Yes, you can bet on the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup that will commence in October. Simply choose the best betting sites from our recommended list and make your prediction.

What types of bets are available for the ICC Cricket World Cup?

ICC Cricket World Cup has several types of bets. Some of the types of bets at your disposal include In-play, Player Props, Over/Under, Handicap, and Outrights. You also have special bets in case you want to gamble on events that will not directly influence the game’s outcome.

How do I read cricket odds for World Cup matches?

When reading cricket odds (fractional), such as 5/1 for the UK market, the odds values represent the potential profit relative to the stake. In the case of 5/1, for every 1 unit you stake, you will potentially win 5 units.

Who are the favourites to win the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023?

India are the favourites to win the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023. India is the host country with a lethal squad comprising Jaspirt Bumrah, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. Also, India has lately registered impressive performances, including beating Sri Lanka by 10 wickets in the Asia Cup Final on the 17th of September 2023. This Is the first time in 5 years that India has been crowned Asia Cup Champions.

Can I bet on individual player performances in World Cup matches?

Yes, you can bet on individual player performances. The best bookmakers offer player markets like Top Bowler and Top Batsman. You can also wager on the Man of the Match, which is the player that will perform best in a game.

Are live (in-play) bets available for Cricket ODI World Cup matches?

Yes, live or in-play bets are available for the Cricket ODI World Cup matches. Betting sites allow punters to bet on ongoing games. Live events offer several markets, including Totals and Match Winner.

What are handicap bets in cricket betting?

Handicap betting is where the bookie disadvantages the stronger team to level the playing field. As a result, if you bet on the team, it must overcome the handicap and still win the event for your bet to be correct

How can I find the best odds for ICC Cricket World Cup betting?

You can find the best odds here at Oddspedia. Our team compares the odds of several markets from over 200 legitimate bookmakers and makes them available for use.

Can I bet on the ICC Cricket World Cup online?

Yes, you can bet on the ICC World Cup online. Sports betting sites offer markets for all levels of the tournament, from the group stage to the final game.

What should I consider before betting on Cricket World Cup matches?

You should consider the following vital aspects when betting on Cricket World Cup matches to get the best results:
1. Research team form
2. Check pitch condition
3. Set a budget

All in all, practise responsible gambling so that you don’t suffer from the effects of gambling.

Are there any betting promotions or bonuses related to the Cricket World Cup?

Yes, there are betting promotions related to the Cricket World Cup. Some bookmakers offer free bets that you can stake instead of real cash. There are also deposit matches, which you must fund your account to claim. Using these bonuses, you can wager for more with less.

Can I change my bet after I’ve placed it?

No, you cannot change your bet after you have placed it. Make sure you confirm the bet slip before submission.

Is betting on the ICC Cricket World Cup legal in my country?

Betting on ICC is legal in many countries. To know whether you can place ICC bets in your nation, check the gambling laws

How can I find the best odds for ICC Cricket World Cup betting? You can find the best odds here at Oddspedia. Our team compares the odds of several markets from over 200 legitimate bookmakers and makes them available for use.

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