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DexWin Private Beta v2

DexWin Private Beta v2

We’re happy to announce that DexWin Private Beta v2 is NOW LIVE!

It’s been around 2 months since DexWin Private Beta has been live, and bettors from all over the world have been betting on basketball games from various leagues like the NBA, NCAA, PBA, NBL, WNBA, etc. We’ve received some great feedback along with some negatives and have been working to address them all.

With Private Beta v2, our aim was to simplify the betting experience for our users and reduce the time and the number of clicks it takes to place a bet.
We successfully reduced the number of clicks it takes by almost 10 clicks from start to finish. We also have been refining our UI and responsiveness to provide users with a truly smooth experience.

Key Enhancements and Upgrades to DexWin Bets v2:

  1. One Step Sign Up with Social Login
    With feedback from our 150 odd early adopters, it became clear that the prerequisite of having a MetaMask wallet extension installed and possessing knowledge of the blockchain was a blocker for the average bettor. So we went ahead and totally eliminated this.
    You can now login and start betting on DexWin with any regular OAuth2 login like Email or Social like you would on any other website. With a single click, users can login and are assigned a brand new wallet where tokens get credited and betting activity can begin!

2. Instant Token Claim Directly from the DexWin App
On DexWin Beta v2, users can now claim $MATIC, $DWIN and $XWIN with one single click right on the DexWin App.
No longer do users have to visit multiple pages to claim individual tokens and sign multiple transactions to acquire DexWin tokens.
Everything happens with one click and tokens are instantly and directly credited to users’ wallets.

3. Place bets with a single click — no transaction signing is required
On DexWin Beta v2, bets can now be placed with just a single click. We have done away with multiple approvals and transaction signatures to place bets, since we found that this was inefficient. We now handle token level approvals and signatures on the backend and provide a single-click, seamless experience to our users.
Just find a betting market that excites you, add it to the betslip by clicking on the odds, enter your desired wager, and click Bet Now.

4. Bet Winnings are Auto Claimed to your DexWin Balance
Our aim with DexWin Beta v2 was to drastically reduce the number of steps and click it takes a user to go from signing up to placing a bet and claiming his/her winnings. As part of this, we now done away with manually claiming winning bets.
Now, all your winning bets are instantly and automatically claimed back to your DexWin Balance without the need for you to claim them and sign any transactions. As soon as a bet is settled, our smart contracts instantly credit your DexWin Wallet with your winnings.

5. Multiple Token Support
As a first step to eventually accepting multiple tokens for users to bet with on DexWin, we have now integrated the ability to bet with two tokens on DexWin Beta v2. We have introduced a new token $XWIN, that can also be claimed directly from the app. Users can switch between the two tokens using the token switcher at the top of the DexWin App page and bet with either of the tokens.

At DexWin, we are constantly working to provide our users with the absolute best sports betting experience. We hope that with the upgrades and enhancements to Beta v2, you, our users find the experience of betting on DexWin super seamless. We will continue to take in feedback and make further upgrades at each stage of the product life cycle.

If you are a bettor and have some insight for us, please visit https://bit.ly/DexWin-Beta-Feedback and share your valuable thoughts with us.

DexWin Sports Betting — Live on Private Beta. Tap here to signup.

DexWin — The most immersive and fair sports betting experience.

DexWin is the most immersive and fair decentralized sports staking experience built on the blockchain to be seamless, transparent, and trustless.
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