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DexWin Product Updates : April 2023

DexWin Product Updates : April 2023

DexWinners! We are getting extremely close to launching DexWin on mainnet. Our team has been hard at work to build the best sports betting experience out there and these updates are a testament to that.

1. UI/UX Enhancements

One of our sole focuses has always been to change the preception that betting and gambling platforms are hard to navigate and use. We’ve come a long way in making DexWin super easy to use and understand.
Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself!

2. Custom Parlays

You can now parlay any kinds of bets together and maximise your winnings. Parlay a Head-To-Head bet with a MoneyLine bet, or a Championship bet with a Game Spread bet; its all possible now, only on DexWin!

3. NBA Bets and Odds — 2 days in advance

NBA Bets and Odds — 2 days in advance

Upcoming NBA games along with the odds are now available a whole 2 days before the games are set to take place. This gives you ample time to do your research and place your bets.

4. Live Odds and Scores for all NBA Games

We now have LIVE odds and scores for all NBA games that update dynamically without you having to reload the page. We have also integrated graphic indications to show the increasing and decreasing of odds in real time to help bettors make the most of the live fluctuation of odds.

5. Transaction History

DexWin Transaction History

You can now view all Deposit and Withdrawal Transactions that you’ve ever made on the DexWin app. You can also click on the Transaction Hash and verify the same on the block explorer for more details.

6. Analytics

Platform Level Analytics:

You can now view all platform level analytics like: — Total Number of Bets Placed — Total Amount Staked — Total Number of Parlays Placed — Total Payout right at the top of the app page at all times.

You can now view all platform level analytics like:
– Total Number of Bets Placed
– Total Amount Staked
– Total Number of Parlays Placed
– Total Payout
right at the top of the app page at all times.

Game Level Analytics:

You can also view the same stats for each game on the DexWin app.

7. Curated Bets for the Ultimate NBA Fan

Curated Bets for the Ultimate NBA Fan

DexWin now has markets that REAL basketball and NBA fans will love. Bet on who you think will win the Play-In Tournaments, predict the playoff series scores, bet on your favourite player to be the top scorer in a series and many more!

DexWin — The most immersive and fair sports betting experience.

DexWin — The most immersive and fair sports betting experience.

DexWin, the most immersive and fair decentralized sports staking experience built on the blockchain to be seamless, transparent, and trustless. We provide the best NBA odds. Check DexWin’s Odds Comparison Portal here.

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Our Communities:
🖇️ Discord — https://bit.ly/DexWinDiscord
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🔗 Telegram — https://bit.ly/DexWinCommunity-Telegram

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🌎 Website — https://dexwin.bet
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🔗 Twitter — https://twitter.com/dexwin_bet


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