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DexWin Update #1

We at DexWin have been hard at work behind the scenes building the most fair and immersive decentralized sports staking experience.

We at DexWin have been hard at work behind the scenes building the most fair and immersive decentralized sports staking experience.

Through Update #1, we’re excited to let you in on all the progress we’ve made these past few months and maintain an open and transparent relationship with you, our community. This is and will always remain one of our highest priorities.


The majority of the last few months at DexWin have been spent on research.
This involved studying the sports betting and gambling market from a global perspective and further segregating it geography-wise. We then dove deeper into the crypto betting markets and understood where DexWin as a product would likely fit in.

We then proceeded to use and gain an in-depth understanding of how the biggest sports betting platforms today operate. We spent countless hours connecting with avid and novice bettors, understanding the major pain points they face at each step of the betting process, and began finding ways to solve them.


We understand that the product we build is at the core of everything we are looking to solve and achieve. And hence we have been working with laser focus to ensure that our product is what differentiates us from existing players in the space.

We began by building a rough technical architecture of the product. We also consulted with blockchain architects from top orgs like Polygon, Biconomy, and Moralis. After a lot of iterations and additions, we finally ended up with what we believe will work best for us.

In parallel, we have also been working on getting out Product Deck and our Litepaper v1.0. Make sure to go through them for an in-depth understanding of our product.

We’ve also been speaking to several folks for integrations and partnerships that our product would need over time. So far, we’ve integrated Swing’s cross-chain liquidity solution and Biconomy’s Gasless Transactions feature into our product to ease our users’ betting journey.

From our research and user interviews, we figured that the UI/UX of existing platforms was one of the biggest pain points. This is now one of DexWin’s core problems to solve. We have since consulted with top UI/UX experts and collaboratively built a detailed wireframe for the sports betting flow. We spent countless hours wireframing our UI/UX to make the entire betting journey as easy as possible.

Once we had our UI/UX wireframe, we started building out the individual UI elements and putting them together. We’ve since built most of the elements we would need and finalized our product prototype.
We’re super happy with how it has turned out and look forward to your feedback on it!

Here’s a sneak peek at what our UI could look like:

Under the hood, our devs have been at work figuring out the most efficient and transparent way to fetch and feed sporting odds to the UI. We have also been working on a proprietary method to manipulate the odds provided by bookmakers before feeding them to the UI, making them as fair to the user as possible. We’ve narrowed down on a few odds providers from whom we’d fetch initial odds and are on the verge of finalizing this.

On the blockchain side of things, our solidity devs have been building out our betting smart contracts with a focus on efficiency. Being a product that would have multiple actions taking place simultaneously on-chain, we are making sure our contracts are extremely efficient for gas as well as depth.
We’re currently deploying our various contracts on testnet to explore more options and debug.


At the heart of any Web3 project is its community. No matter how good our product is, we understand and believe that our community is what will drive our growth and define our success.

We’ve been organically building out our community on various platforms like DiscordTelegram, and WhatsApp. Our focus so far has been on bringing in folks who fit our target audience to the dot and have been relentless on this front. We’re constantly connecting with these folks to understand what they’re looking for, taking feedback, and also seeking referrals to their L1 betting networks.

For the early phases of our product, we want to restrict our community only to people we think are a perfect fit. We’re doing this to keep the conversations focused, get quality feedback, and find crucial early adopters.

Social Media and Marketing

Keeping our community updated on everything DexWin is important to us. We use our various social media channels for this, like TwitterInstagram, and YouTube.

Our content team has been planning and building out our content calendar based on the DexWin Roadmap and the global sporting event timelines. Our content is grouped into various buckets such as Educational, Entertainment, Awareness, Sports Betting, etc., and executed with precision.

We have also been focusing on SEO and believe that it is a crucial aspect of our growth. Given the legal and jurisdictional hassles with betting as an industry. organic marketing tools like SEO and influencer marketing are something we are banking on. All our content is carefully created keeping in mind high-ranking keywords to ensure the best SEO impact.

The Team and Hiring

We believe that our people are our most valuable assets (yes, more than our crypto). Over the past few months, we’ve hired some amazing folks for different verticals like Blockchain Devs, DevOps, and Social Media. We envision our early hires to one day lead their own teams and push DexWin toward our goals and further.
We’ll be introducing you to our team in more detail very soon.

DexWin, the most immersive and fair decentralized sports staking experience built on the blockchain to be seamless, transparent, and trustless.


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