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DexWin Update #2 — September ‘22

Greetings to all DexWinners! We’re excited to share with you updates on what we’ve achieved over the last month and keep our community in the loop with the progress we’ve made thus far.

Greetings to all DexWinners! We’re excited to share with you updates on what we’ve achieved over the last month and keep our community in the loop with the progress we’ve made thus far. At DexWin, we believe in building along with our community and being transparent during the entire process.


The product we build is still the core focus for us at DexWin. We are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to the usability and ease of our product.
We have made significant strides on this front over the past few weeks.

Our tech team has been putting the pieces together and is close to shipping v1 of the product on testnet. This will give us an opportunity to begin rigorous testing and fixing bugs before we add a wider range of betting markets and features.

We have parallelly begun building the mobile version of the v1 app and optimizing for responsiveness and adaptability. Our research suggests that a majority of users prefer using mobile to interact with apps and hence are ensuring our mobile app is up to the mark. Here’s a preview of what it looks like right now.

We have zeroed in on the odds providers we will be using in the initial phases and have integrated them within our product. Our devs are testing the data being received from the providers and building our proprietary logic before displaying it on the front end.

With the application design in its final stages, we are also consulting with a couple of UI/UX experts for feedback and adding final touches. We’re excited to show you what we’ve built and are eager to know what you think!


Community being a key aspect for the success of any Web3 product, we have begun a few campaigns to onboard high-impact and relevant users into our various community platforms like DiscordTelegram, and Twitter.

We are running a Parlay Prediction Contest where users make a series of predictions on the upcoming NBA Season and win money for each right prediction. Participants also get incremental rewards for more consecutive predictions they get right and a big bonus for getting the entire parlay right. Participants also have to follow our socials and join our community to be eligible.

Our aim with this is to bring in relevant users to our community to be our early adopters and beta testers. We want to first build a strong and knowledgeable community and focus on retaining these folks before venturing out to onboard more.

Social Media and Marketing

On the marketing front, we are meticulously executing our content calendar plan and pushing out content on all platforms on a daily basis.
We have also been proactively making changes and additions to our content based on engagement, reach, and feedback from users.

We understand that different parts of the world react to content differently. And since our goal for DexWin is to be a global product, we’re curating our content differently for different geographies. This has proven extremely beneficial for us in terms of reach and engagement.

Off late, we’ve also been exploring partnership opportunities with relevant influencers as well, to get our product out in front of high-impact users. Expect some announcements on this front soon.

Team and Hiring

We recently added a super talented Full Stack Dev to our team to assist with the deployment and testing of our product. We believe this will help speed up the pace we are building at and stay on track with our roadmap.

We are constantly on the lookout for talented and passionate people to work with us at DexWin. If you think you have a skill set that could add value, feel free to email us with a few lines about yourself and how you can help DexWin.

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