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Unleashing the Future of Sports betting in the Philippines : DexWin’s Revolutionary Multi-Level Affiliate Program for Sports Betting Agents & Affiliates in the Philippines


In the dynamic realm of sports betting, agents in the Philippines are continually seeking opportunities to enhance their earnings and provide an unparalleled betting experience for their sports betting players. Amidst the myriad of choices, DexWin emerges as a game-changer, offering the most promising Multi-Level Affiliate Program in comparison to white-labeled platforms like 747 Live, Winzir, Ok.bet, and others. In this blog, we delve into the reasons why DexWin stands head and shoulders above the competition, addressing concerns related to user experience, odds, and fees.


User Experience: A Seamless Journey

DexWin prioritizes user experience, understanding that a smooth and intuitive platform is crucial for both agents and their clients. Unlike white-labeled platforms with clunky interfaces, DexWin’s user-friendly design ensures effortless navigation, making it easy for agents to manage their operations and for bettors to enjoy a hassle-free betting experience. Agents can also hire sub agents under them — all of whom can enjoy upto 40% commission on their players net revenue with NO NEGATIVE CARRY OVER.

Competitive Odds: Elevating Your Game

DexWin’s commitment to excellence extends to its odds, offering some of the HIGHEST ODDS ON BASKETBALL FOR LEAGUES LIKE THE NBA, PBA, NCAA and more. Agents and their clients can revel in the advantage of favorable odds, maximizing their potential winnings.

In contrast, white-labeled platforms often compromise on odds, limiting the profitability for agents and leaving bettors searching for better opportunities elsewhere.

Transparent Fees: Empowering Agents

DexWin takes pride in its transparent fee structure, ensuring that agents have a clear understanding of their earnings. Hidden fees can erode profits and diminish trust, which is unfortunately common with some white-labeled platforms. DexWin’s commitment to transparency empowers agents to build a sustainable and lucrative sports betting business.

Innovative Multi-Level Affiliate Program:

  1. Elevate Your Earnings
    DexWin introduces a revolutionary Multi-Level Affiliate Program that outshines the offerings of its competitors. Agents not only benefit from their direct referrals but also earn commissions from the activities of sub agents or sub-affiliates. This innovative approach exponentially increases earning potential, setting DexWin apart as a trailblazer in affiliate programs for sports betting in the Philippines.
  2. Security and Reliability:
    A Trustworthy Partner, DexWin places a paramount emphasis on security and reliability, ensuring that agents and their clients can place bets with confidence. In contrast, some white-labeled platforms may compromise on security, putting sensitive information and transactions at risk. DexWin’s commitment to a secure environment fosters trust among agents and bettors alike.


In the realm of sports betting, DexWin emerges as the beacon of promise for agents in the Philippines, offering a Multi-Level Affiliate Program that eclipses the competition. With a focus on user experience, competitive odds, transparent fees, and innovative affiliate structures, DexWin is redefining the landscape. Agents looking for a trustworthy and lucrative partner need not look further — DexWin is the future of sports betting in the Philippines.

DexWin, the most immersive and fair decentralized sports staking experience built on the blockchain to be seamless, transparent, and trustless. We provide the best betting odds on average globally.

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